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Win the new Arduino MKR1000 32bit Wi-Fi enabled IoT board

The “World’s Largest Arduino Maker Challenge” is happening right now through a partnership between, Atmel, Adafruit, Arduino and Microsoft. Here is a video presentation of the context by Massimo Banzi, CEO of The contest will run in multiple phases, the first being an idea submission, by January 15th, 2015. A 1,000 lucky makers… Read More »

Project 3 – Ball sorter/collector – Step 1

Experimenting potential configurations for a mechanical arm. Motor + screw as actuator. To do: – Stop motor when the clamp grabs something (without crushing it) – Add servos for 2 axis movement The planned steps for this project actually are: – Define platform – Locate the object – Move towards it – Collect – Sort… Read More »