I was looking for an option to create a circuit with a switch, so I can use two single cell li-on Nokia cell phone batteries in series, but charge them in parallel through a USB charger. The idea is to …

A circuit to use 2 single cell li-po / li-on batteries in series and charge them in parallel Read more »

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Insert wire under the pins. Solder the edge under the pin next to the power jack.

While testing a new circuit on a breadboard, my good old Arduino Uno suddenly released its “magic smoke” with a loud pop and stopped working. On a closer inspection, I saw that a small crater had appeared on the 5 …

Replacing a damaged Arduino Uno voltage regulator Read more »

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Shift registers are useful chips that can add more outputs or inputs to your micro-controller. The 74HC595, for example, provides 8 additional digital outputs that can be controlled with only 3 Arduino pins. Additionally, you can “daisy-chain” multiple shift registers to …

Shift registers: add more digital I/O to your Arduino Read more »

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A free, on demand course offered by Udacity. Definitely worth checking out… Course Summary: “Learn how to program all the major systems of a robotic car from the leader of Google and  Stanford’s autonomous driving teams. This class will teach you …

Free course: Artificial Intelligence for Robotics Read more »

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