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Showcase our great achievements

A Halloween Arduino project

A simple Halloween themed project to add some animation and sounds to a cardboard skeleton cut-out. A PIR sensor at the top right corner (somewhat hidden under a clump of fake spider web) detects movement and triggers a hobby servo that rotates the torso of the skeleton. The eyes are a pair of red LEDs and… Read More »

Daisy – an Arduino autonomous obstacle avoidance robot

Daisy is an old “Discovery Kids” projection alarm clock turned into an autonomous obstacle avoiding bot. The brain is an Arduino Mini. Two small servos, modified for continuous rotation, are used for a differential drive and a combination of 3 infrared sensors (under the “skirt”) and 1 HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor (the “eyes”) detect obstacles. I… Read More »

“Betamax” Quadcopter test flight video

Today I tested my first ever quadcopter, built as part of a recent workshop at the Vancouver Hackspace (VHS) . My initial test flight lasted a whopping 10 seconds and ended with a spectacular crash on the concrete parking lot in front of VHS,