Daisy is an old “Discovery Kids” projection alarm clock turned into an autonomous obstacle avoiding bot. The brain is an Arduino Mini. Two small servos, modified for continuous rotation, are used for a differential drive and a combination of 3 …

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Project overview This is a differential steering robot that can be controlled from an Android phone via Bluetooth. The robot’s “brain” is Arduino Uno compatible board (an “Arduino on a breadboard”). The robot uses a JY-MCU Bluetooth module for communication …

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OWI 3 in 1 ATR - Rover Mode with an Arduino Uno

I recently bought the OWI 3 in 1 ATR (all terrain robot) kit from Amazon. What got my attention was its potential for hacking and re-use of its components. In the “Rover” mode the unit is pretty tightly packed. There …

The Rover from the OWI 3 in 1 ATR kit enhanced for climbing Read more »

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