Experimenting with Sound Localization and Arduino

Today I'm going to walk you through my experience trying to localize the source of a sound using Arduino. My goal with this was to add a feature to my robot that would make it more interactive and look more "alive". Beta 1 What you normally see people doing, as an easy approach, is to measure the volume level from two microphones in which the amplified output is connected to the Arduino analog inputs. Whichever input is higher determines the source direction of the sound. On the practical side this proves to be…continue reading →

Crazy Watch – Exploring electronics fundamentals

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ― Ernest Hemingway A few days ago my son came back from school with something that he had build in a Tech-Ed class. You had to carry a copper ring across a maze made of wire without "waking up the monster". If you touch the wire, closing the circuit, the eyes (LEDs) would light up. I know it is pretty simple to make a LED shine, but what got me intrigued was that…continue reading →

Using Bluetooth and an Android phone for debugging Arduino sketches

I bought a Bluetooth module a few months ago and never really tried to use it because in my mind it would be another module that would require hours digging the internet to find libraries, and some code sample to get me started. Only after reading Stan's post about Bluetooth modules I realized how easy is to get them working and how useful they can be to troubleshoot projects that require movement (like robots). Bluetooth basically makes your serial port wireless and open a whole new set of possibilities with two way communication…continue reading →

Project 3 – Ball sorter/collector – Step 1

Experimenting potential configurations for a mechanical arm. Motor + screw as actuator. http://youtu.be/ni1v-hrqwxs To do: - Stop motor when the clamp grabs something (without crushing it) - Add servos for 2 axis movement The planned steps for this project actually are: - Define platform - Locate the object - Move towards it - Collect - Sort - Locate dumping sites - Unload cargo according to dumping sitecontinue reading →

Project 2: Line following bot

Release Candidate Very hard to keep it steady as voltage increases. That's the best speed/stability result I got so far. Now using 3 sensors. The video below has it running at about 6V. http://youtu.be/cC2NdhTOhyE
Test 1 With differential steering http://youtu.be/Vtmik5_4AnY
This is the project in a very early stage with a regular RC toy steering mechanism. http://youtu.be/3ctriBkWpvcUsing 2 IR sensors to detect change in color and correct direction. It's pretty rough right now and it overshoots all the time. Not the best hardware... No word about software (don't want to blame myself :) )Bare steering logic (RC toy version) (more…)