Line Following Competition Videos

We held our first line following competition last week. We knew ahead of time that right angle turns may cause some issues, so we set up a few to see what happens. We did have some challenges, like you can see here: But at the end we had several clean runs and a winner: reading →

ATTiny Line Follower to mess around with the ATTiny85 IC... I ported the code from my Arduino Uno line following robot to the ATTiny. Some changes were necessary to make it work:
  • The ATTiny has only 3 analog pins, so the sensor array has 3 TCRT5000 IR LED/Sensors instead of the 6 the original line follower had
  • The SoftwareServo library was needed, as the standard servo library that comes with the Arduino IDE does not work on the ATTiny
The code used is below, and more info on how to program the ATTiny chip using your Arduino as a programmer is available in this post. There is one more pin available on the ATTiny85, so I am thinking of adding an ultrasound sensor and some basic obstacle avoidance next. Here is the Arduino Code that runs on the ATTiny: (more…)

Project 2: Arduino Line following test 3

Test #3 of my Arduino Uno controlled line following bot for the upcoming competition. This test was focused on checking how the bot handles 90 degree turns with sharp corners, line intersections and line breaks. robot uses 6 TCRT5000 IR reflector sensors positioned in a line. (more…)

Project 2: Line following bot – Tests 1&2

This is a very basic line following robot using 4 IR led sensor receiver pairs in a line, continuous rotation servos and Arduino Uno. The wheels are made from beer coasters and I was planning to add a wheel encoder using another IR led / sensor pair at a later stage. The logic is very simple, but works well to test the line detection and the basic movement commands. The next step should be applying a better control mechanism, maybe PID? (more…)

Competition 2: Line Following Robot

General Objectives:

The objective of this contest is for a robot to follow a black line on a white background, without losing the line while navigating several turns on a race course. The robot to complete the course in the shortest period of time while accurately tracking the line from start to finish wins. (more…)

Project 2: Line following bot

Release Candidate Very hard to keep it steady as voltage increases. That's the best speed/stability result I got so far. Now using 3 sensors. The video below has it running at about 6V.
Test 1 With differential steering
This is the project in a very early stage with a regular RC toy steering mechanism. 2 IR sensors to detect change in color and correct direction. It's pretty rough right now and it overshoots all the time. Not the best hardware... No word about software (don't want to blame myself :) )Bare steering logic (RC toy version) (more…)