Arduino program / sketch upload speeds

Arduino program / sketch upload speeds

I am working on circuit that will allow me to program my Arduino boards (I have an Arduino Uno and a couple of Arduino Pro Minis) over a wireless Bluetooth connection. I am planning to use my cheap and easy to find HC-06 Bluetooth module  for this. One of the first thing to figure out is the baud rate that the Arduino IDE uses, when uploading the sketches to the various Arduino boards. I need to make sure that my HC-06 Bluetooth module is configured to communicate at the same rate, so the avrdude stays happy.

I bit of research online revealed the following:

  • On the computer side the baud rate is specified in the Arduino IDE configuration files, and more specifically in boards.txt.
  • On the micro-controller side, the baud rate is coded in the specific bootloader, used by the board.

A looked through the boards.txt file and here is what I found:

Board IC Upload Speed
Arduino Yun ATmega32u4 57600
Arduino Uno ATmega328p 115200
Arduino Duemilanove ATmega328 57600
Arduino Duemilanove ATmega168 19200
Arduino Nano ATmega328p 57600
Arduino Nano ATmega168 19200
Arduino Mega ATmega2560 115200
Arduino Mega ATmega1280 57600
Arduino Leonardo ATmega32u4 57600
Arduino Micro ATmega32u4 57600
Arduino Esplora ATmega32u4 57600
Arduino Mini ATmega328p 115200
Arduino Mini ATmega168 19200
Arduino Pro Mini (5V, 16 MHz) ATmega328p 57600
Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8 MHz) ATmega328p 57600
Arduino BT ATmega328p 19200
Arduino BT ATmega168 19200
Arduino NG ATmega168 19200
Arduino NG ATmega8 19200
Arduino Robot ATmega32u4 57600
LilyPad Arduino ATmega328p 57600
LilyPad Arduino ATmega168 19200

It seems that I need to use 115200 for my Uno and 57600 for the Arduino Pro Mini.

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  1. Beware using these modules, as they don’t even check for flipped bits over the communication. I’ve used hc-06 and I do get sometimes a bit flipped. I fixed my project by resending the data over and over again. Your program might get corrupted and will need to upload once again.

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