Project 1: Autonomous, Obstacle Avoiding Bot


Build a robot that is capable of traversing across an obstacle course. The course is configurable to present at least 3 different routes. The Bot has to attempt crossing each of the 3 course setups. The winning Bot will be the one that has completed all 3 courses in the shortest time.

Contest Rules:

  • Each competitor will be responsible for setting up one course (totaling 3 different courses) that will be traversed by all competitors’ Bots.
  • The starting point will be always at the center of the starting line.
  • There has to be at least one obstacle in the direct line of sight between the starting point and the finish line.
  • The course is completed when any part of the robot goes over/touches the finish line, having successfully maneuvered through the route of the course.
  • The obstacles on each course will have a height, width and length of at least 10 cm
  • Obstacles cannot be concave.
  • The first obstacle must be at a distance of at least 30 cm from the start line.
  • The distance between an obstacle and the sides of the course must be less than 1 cm or at least 30 cm.
  • Obstacles must be set apart by at least 30 cm in all directions.
  • If the robot is deemed “stuck” by its owner, it can be moved back to the start line. Time is not reset.
  • If a Bot hits an obstacle, it has to be moved back at least 10 centimeters from the point of contact facing the finish line. This will be done by its owner and time will not be stopped.
  • If the Bot exceeds 3 minutes without reaching the finish line or if the competitor wishes to withdraw, that run will be counted as 4 minutes.***

Allowed sensors and controlled components:

  • 2 servos
  • 2 DC Motors
  • 1 Parallax 28015 PING Ultrasonic Range Finder or any distance measure sensor that costs less than $30 (new)
  • Up to 4 push-button switches
  • 1 Arduino Uno board
  • Software Libraries can be used only for the purpose of controlling a specific component and must be shared with all competitors that are free to adopt them as they want.
  • All code coordinating the sensors and components must be original and written by the competitor.
  • The competitor must build the entire project by himself – no outsourcing!

Scoring System:
– Sum of the times of the 3 runs.
*** In the event of a ‘tie’, due to the 4 minute rule, the Bot that travelled the furthest is deemed to have won that particular course run.

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