In previous posts I covered the steps on programming ATtiny85 and ATtiny84 chips using an Arduino Uno as programmer and the Arduino IDE Software with two different  “libraries”.  At that time the process of adding new boards to the Arduino IDE …

Programming ATtiny ICs with Arduino Uno and the Arduino IDE 1.6.4 or above Read more »

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Rapberry Pi 2

This post will cover the steps necessary to set-up remote access to the Raspberry Pi terminal and graphical desktop environment from a Windows, or Linux PC. I do not have a Mac, but the steps should be very simillar. In some posts this …

Access your Raspberry Pi Terminal and Graphical Desktop remotely using SSH and VNC Read more »

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Unlike the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi is not a micro-controller, but rather a small, bare-bones computer that needs an operating system in order to run. The most popular OS for the Raspberry Pi currently is a version of Linux, called Raspbian, …

Raspberry Pi 2 Initial set-up and configuration with NOOBS / Raspbian Read more »

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