ATTiny85 Mini Robot vs. Black Box

A few days ago we got several ATTiny85 ICs (datasheet) and this is a first video of the small chip in action.

Working out the kinks of programming this little guy with an Arduino Uno and getting Arduino libraries to work with it takes a bit of effort and digging around the forums. Still, as a small, light and cheap (can be found for $1.15 online) alternative of an Arduino Uno – it looks very promising! Here is a detailed tutorial on how to program the ATTiny using an Arduino Uno.

ATtiny85 datasheet
Using Arduino Uno as a programmer for ATTiny ships

Libraries used in the demo:
NewPing (modified to work with ATTiny as described here)

Some of the challanges:
The standard Servo library that comes with the Arduino IDe does not work on the ATTiny chips. The NewPing library works, but a couple of functions related to timers need to be commented out, for the code to compile for ATTiny85. Also, the chip needs to be set-up to use its 8 MHz internal clock (explained in the tutorial by the MIT High-Low Tech group above).

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  1. I see that the beer coaster really makes a difference! 🙂
    The little bot looks alive. Pretty cool!

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