Project 3 – Ball sorter/collector – Step 1

Experimenting potential configurations for a mechanical arm. Motor + screw as actuator. To do: - Stop motor when the clamp grabs something (without crushing it) - Add servos for 2 axis movement The planned steps for this project actually are: - Define platform - Locate the object - Move towards it - Collect - Sort - Locate dumping sites - Unload cargo according to dumping sitecontinue reading →

Line Following Competition Videos

We held our first line following competition last week. We knew ahead of time that right angle turns may cause some issues, so we set up a few to see what happens. We did have some challenges, like you can see here: But at the end we had several clean runs and a winner: reading →

ATTiny85 Mini Robot vs. Black Box

A few days ago we got several ATTiny85 ICs (datasheet) and this is a first video of the small chip in action. out the kinks of programming this little guy with an Arduino Uno and getting Arduino libraries to work with it takes a bit of effort and digging around the forums. Still, as a small, light and cheap (can be found for $1.15 online) alternative of an Arduino Uno - it looks very promising! Here is a detailed tutorial on how to program the ATTiny using an Arduino Uno.(more…)

Project 2: Arduino Line following test 3

Test #3 of my Arduino Uno controlled line following bot for the upcoming competition. This test was focused on checking how the bot handles 90 degree turns with sharp corners, line intersections and line breaks. robot uses 6 TCRT5000 IR reflector sensors positioned in a line. (more…)

Project 2: Line following bot – Tests 1&2

This is a very basic line following robot using 4 IR led sensor receiver pairs in a line, continuous rotation servos and Arduino Uno. The wheels are made from beerĀ coastersĀ and I was planning to add a wheel encoder using another IR led / sensor pair at a later stage. The logic is very simple, but works well to test the line detection and the basic movement commands. The next step should be applying a better control mechanism, maybe PID? (more…)

Project 2: Line following bot

Release Candidate Very hard to keep it steady as voltage increases. That's the best speed/stability result I got so far. Now using 3 sensors. The video below has it running at about 6V.
Test 1 With differential steering
This is the project in a very early stage with a regular RC toy steering mechanism. 2 IR sensors to detect change in color and correct direction. It's pretty rough right now and it overshoots all the time. Not the best hardware... No word about software (don't want to blame myself :) )Bare steering logic (RC toy version) (more…)