Arduino controlled LCD using a shift register and the SPI library

Now that I got my recycled 40x2 character LCD working with Arduino, the next step is to get it to show something useful.  I decided to add it to my Bluetooth Controlled robot  and display data from its two ultrasonic distance sensors (initially). Gradually  more interesting info like battery voltage and wheel encoder data can also be shown, as I get those components working. The problem is that now I need to find another 6 digital pins to control the LCD itself. Fortunately, there is an alternative: add a 74HC595 shift register and take advantage of the Arduino SPI library. Here is how: (more…)

Controlling a 40 x 2 character LCD with Arduino Uno and the LiquidCrystal Library

A couple of days ago I came across a discarded Meridian PBX phone and naturally, took it apart. Among some of the more promising salvaged components was a 40 x 2 character LCD. There was a ribbon cable attached to the LCD with a 14 pin female connector. The pins were helpfully labeled on the front of the panel (from 1 to 14). On the back of the LCD I could see five KS00065B LCD Driver chips.40x2-LCD-HD44780-Arduino-Uno-LiquidCrystal-libraryThe next thing to find out was how to hook this up to my Arduino Uno. (more…)